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“Casella is at his best when he’s going for laughs. 
He gets a lot of them.”

– Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

“Critics Pick!  Colorful character-driven comedy.
This gifted ensemble (Butler and Peck are particularly affecting) is so delightful.”

- Diane Snyder, Time Out New York

“Fast-paced, poignant, emotional ride that will have you laughing back tears”
- Steward Lewis, CBS Radio 880 City Life
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Austin Peck is particularly funny.”
– Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post

“PERFECT POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT with a UNIFORMLY APPEALING CAST! IT’S A SAVVY MIXTURE OF LAUGHS AND SERIOUSNESS, and director Matt Lenz has mined both with dexterity. The Irish Curse is a very human and even humane play. You will find yourself rooting for these esteem-building sessions to succeed.”
– Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

“ONE OF THE BEST PLAYS OF THE YEAR! TRULY ORIGINAL, TRULY HYSTERICAL AND TRULY TOUCHING! You will be enthralled! THE CAST IS PERFECT! Perfectly directed with a sensitive and comic touch by Matt Lenz. THE IRISH CURSE IS CAUSE TO CELEBRATE! GET YOUR TICKETS IMMEDIATELY! Talk about tiny Irish willies is sure to become THE HOTTEST TICKET IN TOWN!”
- Oscar E. Moore, Talk Entertainment

“Five exceptionally likeable characters who are a pleasure to spend 90 minutes with…
raunchy, hilarious, and very frank.”
- Martin Denton,

“Spectacularly funny and surprising”
Joseph Hurley, Irish Echo

The Irish Curse
covers just about everything on
the list of necessities for an entertaining comedic play. With SCENES THAT INSPIRE both laugh out loud moments and quiet weeping, the off Broadway comedy KEEPS YOU WANTING MORE FROM START TO FINISH”
Fiona Cooney, Irish Emigrant

FUNNY, POIGNANT AND INSIGHTFUL. Their obsessions are amusing, their hurts are real, and the play is penetrating. Casella delineates sharply drawn characters, performed by an appealing cast under the astute direction of Lenz. The Irish Curse paints a picture that is at once expansive and liberating.”
– David A. Rosenberg, Back Stage

– Michael Sommers, New Jersey Newsroom 

– Andy Buck, TheaterMania

“HILARIOUS AND WITTY! The play makes some wonderful and amusing statements about group therapy and addictions to pain and loneliness.
Dan Butler is a delight to watch!”
- Gabriella Sierra, Broadway World  

– Theater Is  

“A rollicking good time! The laughs were truly explosive and so was the applause at the end of the show.”
- Peter Filichia, Broadway Stars

'The Irish Curse' is ' The Breakfast Club' With Boners”
- Dave White,

“A delicate balance between gut wrenching heartbreak and sidesplitting humor. This play will set you free.”
- Damon L. Jacobs,

“This play is hilarious! The women in the audience seemed to find it even funnier than the men. Matt Lenz has done a superb job of directing, and there are uniformly wonderful performances. This one's a don't-miss.”
- Lawrence Harbison, The Playfixer
“It’s refreshing to see a show that examines how men feel about their anatomies. Casella’s incisive dialogue — deftly handled by a powerhouse ensemble — makes this a meeting well worth attending.”
- Ethan Kanfer, Showbusiness Weekly

“Martin Casella's THE IRISH CURSE is a breakthrough for all men - both gay and straight!  Thoughtful, comedic and heartbreaking!”
- Next Magazine

“For women, the play provides insight into the mysterious workings of the male psyche, for men, safety in numbers, and for everyone a warm, and satisfying comedy.”
- Gwen Orel, The Irish Examiner

Listen to Steward Lewis,
CBS Radio 880 City Life




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